Spootland-Just-Got-A-Whole-Lot-Secksier Act

Random Insanity Alliance
Spootland Alliance of Allied Allie

Treaty Type: ProtectoRIte
Treaty Signed: 08/20/2007
Treaty Terminated: 05/18/2008
Treaty Status: Defunct

The Spootland-Just-Got-A-Whole-Lot-Secksier Act was a ProtectoRIte agreement between the Random Insanity Alliance and the Spootland Alliance of Allied Allies announced on August 20, 2007. It was in effect until May 18, 2008 when the Spootland Alliance of Allied Allies merged with The Phantom Warrior Corps to form the Spootland-Phantom Alliance of Allied Allies.

The Spootland-Just-Got-A-Whole-Lot-Secksier ActEdit


The SPAAA is the RIA's to defend, *****es. You touch them inappropriately, and you're touching the RIA inappropriately, and I need not go into the perils of that.


If the SPAAA gets any Maroon nations, they're gonna vote for the RIA's guy. Yes, there will be special consideration in return for their support. =D


The RIA won't stop the SPAAA from making brilliant political moves, but the SPAAA is encouraged to ask the RIA what they think about the political moves they wish to make.


The RIA and SPAAA can finish their connection and pull out whenever they like.


When the SPAAA is big and strong, we will tearfully see them off to the bus that'll take them to school for the first time, and let them go from the pact. Don't think about bullying them, though. We've got the SPAAA School's phone number in our ODP phonebook, and we'll send angry letters to the teachers until the cows come home if you lay a hand on the SPAAA. è_é

Signed for the RIAEdit

Moth - Leader
Interim Co-Leader - crazyisraelie
Head of Foreign Affairs - Azural
Economic Advisor - cctmsp13
War Advisor - zblewski

Signed for the SPAAAEdit

Mordecai McGilicuddy-Le Poulet Grandiose de Caoutchouc
Wolfpup-El Lobo Malo Grande
King Granmar I-Grand Condor of Strife
Rupert of Hentzau-August Rooster-Keeper of the Grasal
tfmd- the Lionized Ptarmigan of Spootland

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