General InformationEdit

The Spork Cult is a group of like minded individuals who recognize the awesome power of the spork. It was founded by Jguy100, who leads the cult as Grand Sporkmaster. Spazzen is another well respected cult member.

The Current Leadership of the Spork Cult is As Follows

Grand Sporkmaster: Jguy100

Vice Sporkmaster: Spazzen

Sporkian Council:

Al R. Ry







The Book of SporkEdit

In the beginning there was Spork, and all was happy. But men soon became greedy. “Spork is too powerful. We must dispose of Spork”. But Spork was a wise ruler, and wanted everyone to be happy. So Spork created the fork, and the spoon, off branches of Spork’s beautiful form. For a time, men were happy. But this peace was short lived. “Why is only so Spork powerful? Why are the forks and the spoons next to worthless?”, men soon asked. What followed was the Great Purge. Spork followers battled against the Rebellion. Spork withdrew to a sanctuary; this horrific slaughter was more than Spork could bear. In the end, followers of Spork prevailed. Naught could stand against the power of Spork; even when Spork was not present, all that followed Spork conquered. But the world was torn; Spork was forever scarred. Spork, in his infinite wisdom decided it was best that Spork was no longer involved in mortal affairs. So Spork Left the Mortal World Leaving behind Many Traces of his work. Forks and Spoons Reigned free through the land.

Years later Spork looked down at the world and felt sorry. Spork decided to give them a second chance. He came down and went to reclaim his throne but when he reached it he found his evil half brother the Splade sitting there. Spork tried to fight but his brother had him Thrown into a Jail Surrounded by Foons. Spork fought the foons for many days when all of a sudden he realised that the Foons could not harm him. He rose up and walked past the Foons who were powerless to stop him, when he reached Splade he rose his eyes to meet that of his brother and cast him into the pits of the Washer, imprisoned for all time. Doomed to live in slavery forced to make the World a better place.

And so Spork regained his throne and began to give man a second chance. But how long would it last?

Spork Cult MembersEdit

  • Al R. Ry
  • A_M
  • Celtic
  • Cerodin
  • Czar Garrett
  • Davidius
  • Drakomis
  • freedomvilleAT
  • GDW
  • hysterian
  • James_bond_007
  • Manta141
  • Mish
  • mkire
  • Skyia Provinces
  • Talost
  • The Holyone
  • Toto of Eire
  • Ural
  • Wurzel
  • Xerrex
  • Baloo

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