Capital City Yimoz
Alliance Maroon Revolutionaries Alliance(MRA)
Government Transitional
President Bill Salasky
Ruling Party
Socialist Council of the Sraessian Republic
Official Languages Hebrew, English, Arabic
Literacy Rate 99.61%
Connected Resources Aluminum, Oil, Uranium, Water, Wheat
Manufactured Resources Radiation Clean-up, Ahpalt, Steel
Currency Dinar
Natural Resources Rubber, Lead
Improvements Harbor: 1, Factories: 5, Banks:5, Schools:3
Cybernations Page [1]

General InformationEdit

The Sraessian Republic was founded on July 27, 2006. Sraessia has recieved countless aid from other nations and because of that, is very strong today. It is a nation with a mixed ethinicity and mixed religions, but currently Atheist.


After one day of creation, the Sraessia Republic joined the alliance of The Templar Knights. It resided there for most of its time until he left The Templar Knights in November to found his own, the Maroon Revolutionaries Alliance.

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