Blue Meanie Control Edit

Strawberry Fields was originally under the oppressive fascist government of the Blue Meanies. In this regime, all communication was illegal, especially music. The inhabitants were consequently turned to stone once they expressed any dissenting idea. The regime was dictated by Chief Blue Meanie and under his control, he made a massive army which consisted of Apple Bonkers, Butterfly Stompers, Countdown Clowns, Smokers, Snapping Turtle Turks, a Four-Headed Bulldog, and the infamous Dreadful Flying Glove.

Revolution Edit

In 1968, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by the Blue Meanie court for a crime they didn't commit. They promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Strawberry underground. Sergeant Pepper organized the 4-man crack commando unit known as the Beatles or B-Team to overthrow the Blue Meanies. The Beatles sailed away on a Yellow Submarine, nicknamed the Granma, and landed in Suffragette City. After initial success with guerrilla fighting, the Blue Meanies struck back and captured their reconnaissance, codename "Nowhere Man." With Apple Bonkers bombing out their camps, the Beatles were almost defeated until a new plan was made by John Lennon. A strategic territory, Maggie's Farm, which was a Blue Meanie stronghold. The Beatles, with help from local "Buffalo Soldiers," successfully took over Maggie's Farm, and Lennon's plan was beginning to take shape. The Meanies were completely distracted from their orignial course of action, and so they recalled every deployed Meanie to return to Maggie's Farm. When the nearly 10,000 troops arrived, the place was completely deserted. The Beatles and company had moved from there northward, towards the Blue House, another Meanie stronghold. But after the redeployment of troops, the Blue House was left badly fortified and the Beatles took it over without causalities. They victoriously renamed it the Red House. Chief Blue Meanie then set up troops to surround Suffragette City, blocking every entry way with barricades and Meanie Troops. The Beatles were getting closer and closer to being caught by the Meanies. However, on the fifth of November, the Beatles placed satchel charges all along the Watchtower of the West. They immediately gained access out of Suffragette City and headed southwest to the Meanie capital. Expecting more guerrilla battles, the Meanies were strategically deployed along the wilderness. However, the Beatles went straight through to the capital. It was there that they used the "weapon of the future," music. The Strawberry Fields inhabitants piled out of their homes and rose to help the Beatles, hearing music for the first time in a decade. The Chief Blue Meanie was imprisoned for life in Folsom Prison. After such a hard day's night, the Beatles officially declared Strawberry Fields an independent nation and Sergeant Pepper was promoted to the President.

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