The First WarEdit

Long ago the nation of Oceanica and it's alliance, The Mediterranean League, declared war on Templuria. Their terms were simple, join the League, or be attacked by all the nations in it. Templuria accepted and the war was over without a shot being fired.

Leaving the League (Templurian War of Freedom)Edit


When Templuria finally left the Mediterranean League, it was attacked by Mediterranea, ruler of the alliance. If Templuria won, it would have it's freedom from the League. If Oceanica won, Templuria would forever stay under the rule of The Mediterranean League. This started the Templurian Freedom War. After a long and bloody struggle, Templuria pulled out a slim victory with the nation of Oceanica admitting defeat. Other members of the Mediterranean League never attacked Templuria and instead congratulated the country.


The nation of Oceanica dissolved after being inactive for fifteen days. This day was forever known in Fading Day to Templuria and it is celebrated as a national holiday.

With the leader of their alliance gone, the member-nations slowly migrated to other alliances. To this day, they thank Templuria for it's help and say they owe it a great deal.

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