(The Templurian War Flag. Dubbed 'Spirit of War.')

Templuria, though a young nation, has had it's share of military strife.

Templurian-UnitedNations WarEdit

Full Article: Templurian-UnitedNations War

Long before Templurian relations with NPO, the strugling nation demanded resources from the older nation of United-Nations. The nation refused and the war began

The Final BattleEdit


Special division about to storm the capital building.

In the final battle of the Templurian-UnitedNations War, the Templurians issued a planned attack. The main military took out many soldiers while TSD Bravo of the Templurian Special Division raided the capital building and captured the political officials of UnitedNations. TSD Bravo forced the President to sign the Bloodshed Treaty, which ended the war once and for all.

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