The Templurian News Archives host the old news of Templuria.

January 2007Edit

The Mojäkka Conflict EndsEdit

Templuria troops finally move out of Mojäkka after crushing the old regime. The nation has been severely damaged after 15 days of attacks from Templuria and other NPO nations and is not likely to recover any time soon.

Teslovocian WarEdit

The Templurian invasion of Teslovocia is a success and many operations have brought the once proud country to it's knees. Daily airstrikes destroy multiple military installations.

Container Ship CrashEdit


Foreign Ship before crashing.

A foreign ship carring valuable items onboard crashed on the Templurian shore recently. The items were returned to the proper country and Templuria recieved a large reward. The government has donated the money to local charities and hospitals.

Tax DropEdit

The tax rate has been lowered from 21% to 16%. This event, when combined with the recent ship crash, is causing much celebration amongst the people. Happiness is at an all-time-high and our first Madame President is likely to be re-elected.

Terrorist Attack in New AthensEdit


RPG seized after the terrorist's death.

An attempted terrorist attack was thwarted by the Templurian armed police when they killed an armed terrorist in the capital of New Athens. The man had planned to destroy a local subway with an RPG. No other casulties were caused.

The Templurian Armed Police issued a statement detailing all the facts and thanking several members of the organization with a large sum of money, donated by the government.

First Long-Range Cruise Missile TestedEdit

A newly developed cruise missile has been tested by Templuria recently. The new design, the 'LRCM (Long-Range Cruise Missile) Javelin', has a range of 621 miles or 1000 kilometers. Currently none have been armed and incorporated into the armed forces as the testing is still underway.


The LRCM Javelin test. Mass production is soon expected.

Development of the missile was strongly protested by the international community, though strongly encouraged by the New Pacific Order. The nation of Greece is strongly opposed to increasing the missile capabilities of Templuria.

Templurian War of ProminenceEdit


The first 'Javelin' strike took out three infrastracture.


The second strike destroyed ten infrastracture in a nearby area.

An NPO command has issued a Templurian cruise missile strike on the nation of LandoThrowers. The new 'LRCM Javelin' was used, proving it's overall effectiveness. The dual strikes destroyed 13 infrastracture and two tanks.

The reaction of GATO sent three other nations to attack Templuria. Though currently was in anarchy, Templuria remains strong. The rebuilding may take long, but was well worth it to help our NPO brethren.

For more information: Operation Hammerstrike, Templurian War of Prominence

Febuary 2007Edit


Templuria has recieved a huge sum of foreign aid and has been able to rebuild all of it's strength and more. With the recent recovery, Templuria is back on its feet again.

March 2007Edit

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