Terugveld is an island-nation founded on the ruins of Viti Levu (Fiji) by Dutch explorers. Quickly after the founding of Terugveld it joined the FOK!-alliance.

Recent events in Terugveld Edit

  • The Bovenste Bank van Terugveld/First Bank of Backyard has been founded.

  • Terugveld has returned as Onzinbaak
  • Rebuilding has started

Trivia Edit

  • Terugveld is a poor translation of backyard, which is an acceptable translation of tuin.
  • Onzinbaak is a combination of the forumnames "Onzin voor het Leven" and "Klaagbaak", two subforums of the Dutch Fok! community.
  • The capital of Onzinbaak, Klachtvoorhetleven, is also a combination of these subforums.

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