For whom the bell tolls? Isn't this a Metalica song? Edit

TheAmaze is listed as one of the many terrorists who have attempted to bring the cyberverse to its knees. No-one knew anything about him before he made his infamous "DEATH TO GATO" speech! And then got nuked.

TheAmaze still has a small group of followers in outer-Mongolia where his nation was located.

There is also a fan club, "The Amazing A-Maze Fan Club".

He recently tried to create a new alliance, the USRA(United Small Rogue Nations), with Hannibal of Bat Country but soon failed as Hannibal left and joined LOSS.

It was recently revealed to the cyberverse, by Pius XIII that TheAmaze was not banned and that he has been living out his life as San Marco, one of the leaders of the GGA and later The Blue Guard.

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