Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Soviet Union

National Flag
Coat of arms of the Soviet Union.svg
National Seal
"Куда ад мы помещали наш чартер?

(Russian: Where the hell did we put our charter?)"

National Anthem
Hymn of the Soviet Union
Capital City Moscow
Official Language(s) Russian
Established 6/2/2006 8:08:29 AM (515 days old)
Government Type Monarchy Monarchy
Ruler Joseph Stalin
Independent Republic of Orange Nations
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Orange team Orange
Statistics as of 10/31/07
Total population 67,293
 46,536 civilians
 20,757 soldiers
Literacy Rate 100.00%%
Religion Buddhism Buddhism
Currency Currency Rouble Rouble
Infrastructure 4,269.99
Technology 678.62
Nation Strength 35,271.642
Nation Rank 1,917 of 5,242 (36.57%)
Total Area 2,154.736 Earth icon
Native Resources Marble Iron
Connected Resources Water Lumber Rubber Spices Oil Coal Fish Cattle Aluminum Wheat
Bonus Resources Construction Beer Asphalt Automobile Steel

History Edit

The USSR was formed by refugees who fled from the Blue Mountain area in South Carolina known as UncleHermsPlace. The main cause of this movement was the widespread devastation and anarchy that NPO forces caused during the Second Arctic War.


The first government of the USSR voted to apply to join the Independent Republic of Orange Nations on its first bill. The USSR was accepted and now resides quietly as a peer among the peaceful nations of IRON.

NPR War Edit

The USSR participated in the NPR war in which nations in IRON were found to be in another alliance(NPR) as well and were leaching funds from the IRON treasury. The USSR was successful in the invasion and eventual destruction of one of the traitors. Some USSR citizens were killed by enemy cruise missile attacks.

Political History Edit

The first USSR government was a general assembly of eligible persons with a voted chairman. The Judicial system was controlled by the Mob. However, due to the general un-workableness of general assemblies and the rampant corruption that was choking the growth of the USSR, a group of generals took matters into their own hands. They shut down the assembly, established a police force, forced the mob to break up and started a working currency system. However the harshness of the military police while implementing these measures turned popular opinion against the Army.

The coup and establishment of the Monarchy Edit

The group military dictatorship of the USSR did not last long. General Josef Zukov, the hero of the NPR war, lead a popular bloodless revolt in what is now known as Rex August. He was crowned King by national acclaim and now rules the country with a surprisingly easy hand.

Foreign relations Edit

The USSR is a member of the Independent Republic of Orange Nations.

The USSR does not war unless forced to defend themselves or the Republic.

Economy Edit

The nation of the USSR makes its money mainly from the exporting of cut marble and finished iron goods. Alliance funding is a huge activity, The USSR's government gives away many thousands of roubles to struggling nations of IRON every week. Also the National Bank lends out loans to countries who are expanding and industrializing themselves.

Military Edit

While the USSR is a neutral nation, they maintain strong land military and police forces.

Army Edit

The Army is the main arm of the state. The Infantry consists of 60 well armed and well trained infantry divisions, with SF and Mechanized elements. The cavalry wing is fully mechanized with M1A2 tanks and support vehicles.

14 infantry divisions and 1 armored devision are on active duty and the other 45 are peacetime reserves.

Airforce Edit

The USSR has a powerful air force equipped with modern aircraft and the latest electric warfare technology.

Rocket Forces Edit

The Rocket Forces have large stockpiles of Tomahawk cruise missiles that can be brought out of storage when they are needed. Currently The USSR has 12 warheads in her stockpile, more than doubling the original amount owned before the wars against Leogaire of Donaghmore and later, against Slenzo of Salvatoria after he most barbarically used his own nuclear weapons on The USSR's people.

The military is currently working to increase the size of her stockpile by enriching what uranium is left in storage and negotiating with other nations to buy more. The USSR does not allow the first strike use of nuclear weapons unless instructed by the IRON council.

Navy Edit

Since the USSR is a landlocked nation, they do not have a ocean-going navy. What naval forces they have is limited to small gunboats and police patrol boats.

Draft Edit

In wartime the government can implement a forced draft. All healthy men and women aged 18 to 40 are eligible to be selected.

Geography Edit