The Andel Provinces
Th AndelFlag3
Founded April 3, 2006
Capital Cael
Government type: Internationalist Republic
State Religion: Officially Secular
Resources: Oil and Wheat
Motto: "The Most Sardonic Endure"
Alliance: Pyramid
Official Language: Russian

The Andel Provinces is a nation that surrounds the Ural Sea, populating largely by bitter, chain-smoking Russians and their families. Due to the frequently brutal winters, most of the industrial and residential complexes are located underground, and heated via shafts that use geothermal vents.

The country is a republic that forgoes nationalistic elements in favor of international unions, largely due to the lack of resources needed to sustain life.

The nation in March 2008 left the post of deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance to join The Legion. On August 2008, The Andel Provinces joined Pyramid.


In over two years, the citizens of The Andel Provinces have been involved in many conflicts, both small and large.

Enter LiquaEdit

After brief stints in the New Pacific Order and the International Communist Party, Jan Liqua held a secret conversation with a prominent member of the Cross-X Alliance, Raunchero. Following it, The Andel Provinces became a member of the alliance, and Liqua was subsequently elected into the High Council.

For the LulzEdit

During Liqua's time in the High Council, the Third Great War broke out. CXA decided to enter on the side of The Initiative, declaring war on the renegade alliance b.

Lol Wut

The state of /b/ nations during war with The Andel Provinces

The Andel Provinces emerged victorious over its foes, and CXA won its war. Soon after it merged with MCCF to form the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance.

Lone WolfEdit

As a High Council of one of merging alliances, Jan Liqua was allowed to participate in charter discussions for the MCXA. However, he eventually walked out of the negotiations, and the alliance itself, when the charter was insufficiently democratic. For six weeks, The Andel Provinces had no alliance.

Back in BlueEdit

Upon rejoining MCXA, Liqua committed himself to the alliance. However, he was unable to garner much enthusiasm in High Council elections, and thus remained quite low power.

During Great War IV, Liqua was named Minister of Foreign Affairs, replacing Dr. Fresh. However, the job proved to be frustrating, and Liqua quit after two weeks. A month later, he accepted the job of deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, which he held for six months.

Legion RisingEdit

After a feeling of stagnation set in, The Andel Provinces exited MCXA and joined The Legion. During the time with Legion, Liqua commissioned a respected propaganda team to create Legion propaganda. However, a lack of interest in the alliance and its direction led to an exit after five months.


Jan Liqua accepted an offer from Pyramid Alliance in August, 2008.


Unmanned oilfields transport oil via pipelines to other countries, who wire money beforehand to Andel accounts. If they cease payment, oil is cut off and stored until other clients are found. Wheat is grown in massive underground warehouses which utilize natural sunlight through insulated windows, and during the winter artificial sunlight.

The Andel Provinces is the number one producer and consumer of vodka in the world.

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