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The Anonymous War
DateSeptember 21, 2006 through September 28, 2006
  • The Nation of Anonymous
  • City of Habbo, Lighttechistan
ResultCoalition Victory
Casus belliPre-emptive strike against threats to Lighttechistan
  • Lighttechistan
    • 300 Lightechistani Soldiers
    • 40 Lighttechistan National Guardsmen
    • LNS Zomblor (Ticonderoga Class Cruiser)
    • 4 CH-47 Chinook Helicopters
    • 3 M-2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle
  • Charles Empire
    • 100 Imperial Horus (elite shocktroopers)
    • 5 AH-64 Apache Gunships
  • Anonymous
    • 500 Anonymous Guard
    • 10 Mi-26 Transport Helicopters
    • 3 Mi-28 Havok Attack Helicopter
  • 52 CoTM Soldiers (32 Lighttechistani, 20 Imperial Troops), 2 CH-47's, 39 non-combatants
  • 86 Anonymous Soldiers, 7 Mi-26's, 2 Mi-28, 135-225 non-combatants

The Anonymous War was a conflict between The Coalition of the Mongoose(CoTM) and the /b/ alliance, with /b/ nations only supplying logistical support, but did not intervene militarily on behalf of Anonymous. Even with the backing of the /b/ alliance, the Anonymous military was unable to muster up the resources to fight a multiple front war. The was the first show of force by Lighttechistan and its allies from the Coalition of the Mongoose, and declared a successful campaign by the CoTM military leaders.

Prelude to ConflictEdit

Since its inception, the Nation of Lighttechistan had its top intelligent agents looking for threats to the newly formed republic. It was discovered on various internet forums and chat rooms, that certain groups that had a passing connection to the /b/ alliance. After a review of the information available to him, President Roadkill made the decision to invade anonymous, a small splinter nation of /b/. The strike was preemptive and it shocked many in both nations.

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