FANDOM The Chosen has been a member of CN for a long time now, he has been a member of many great alliances and left his mark in history in all of them. The Chosen has been a government member in nearly all his alliance and setup programs in some that has done wonders for them. The Chosen One is also very skilled at working on forums, and has been a Admin in well over half the alliances he has been a member of.

Wars Edit

The Chosen doesn't believe in attacking or raiding nations unless there is due cause to do so. The Chosen One is a proud veteran of GW2, GW3, UJW, Karma, UJW 2, and PB-NpO war and fought bravely in all of them.

Positions Edit

Current: Retired, artist, member of TIO.

Expositions: LoSS diplomat, Exodus Regent, R&R member, R&R FA department. Advisor, Ascendant, LOUD Prime-Minister, Quad of LOUD, CO-Founder of SOAP, Emperor of SOAP, High Council Of SOAP, SOAP Triumvirate, Purge Chief Advisor, DoA, Ambassador to Many, Member of Delta Company, Squad Commander of The MoD Squad, for GOLD, ROFL Vice President.

Major Achievements Edit

CO-Founder of LOUD. CO-Founder of SOAP. The First Ambassador to setup a embassy with The Offspring and my alliance not be in the block.

|| NOVA's official diplomacy medal: badgefr.png || TOOL Diplomacy Meda: || TOOL Cordiality Award: || || R&R Medals || || || LoSS Medals ||

Where I Have Been A AdminEdit

  • GOLD
  • ROFL
  • Purge
  • Purge Imperium
  • Thunder Cox
  • SOAP
  • LOUD
  • R&R
  • Exodus
  • LoSS
  • TIO

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