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The Freehold

The Freehold Official Flag

The War Flag of The Freehold
The Freehold Motto: Fire and Blood.
Team Color White team White
Founder(s) Maegor, Marco Esse, General Gorgoth, and Daario Naharis
Founded March 5th, 2017
The Dragonlords and Diadoch

  • Diadoch: Maegor "The Red Kraken"
  • Dragonlord of War: Daario Naharis "The Tyroshi Sellsword"
  • Dragonlord of Growth: Marco Esse "Fabricator Machina"
  • Dragonlord of Peace: General Gorgoth "Guildmaster"

  • Archon of Foreign Affairs: Defiance
  • Archon of Finance: Rocket23
  • Archon of Internal Affairs: Deputy
  • Archon of Media: Crispygeneral
International relations Protectorate - Umbrella and CoTM

AllianceStats Statistics as of March 14th, 2017

Total Nations 33
30-day net gain
Avg. Strength 25,451
Nukes 159
Aid Efficiency 55 / 166 (33.13%)
Rank 53
Score 4.91
Important Links

The Freehold is an alliance on the White team.


The Freehold was formed as the result of a merger between The Ironborn, The Mages Guild, and The Mechanicus by Maegor, Marco Esse, General Gorgoth, and Daario Naharis on March 5th, 2017. It formally announced its existence on the Cyber Nations forums on March 12th, 2017.


Charter of The Freehold

The Freehold of Valyria: the center of the world, the home of dragons, the forges by which the strongest swords are created.

Liberty, brotherhood, strength. From the fires of Valyria comes the strength of The Ironborn, the magic of the Mages, and the sophistication of The Mechanicus.

We three peoples -- the bloodthirsty reavers, the mystical Mages, and the inventors and innovators of The Mechanicus realm – all declare that we unite ourselves under the single banner of The Freehold.

We shall defend the principles of liberty, of brotherhood, and of strength. We proclaim our adherence to the Valyrian Code: each man free, each man loyal to his brothers, and each man loyal to the Freehold. We proclaim our loyalty to one another, now banded as one, as of this day: March 5th, 2017.

Fire and Blood.

Article I: Admission

A. If a nation wishes to join the ranks of The Freehold, they must submit an application per the instructions of the Internal Affairs Department.

B. The applicant may then be submitted to questioning by alliance members while their application is awaiting approval. Upon approval by the Internal Affairs Department, the member shall be admitted into the alliance. Valyrians shall join the color sphere of the alliance.

C. Following their application’s approval, the applicant shall become a Valyrian, subject to all rights and duties therein.

C. The nation shall be instructed regarding The Freehold and CyberNations as whole. Nations who are under ninety days old will be put into the Mentor Program until they pass the ninety day mark.

Article II: Government

i. The Dragonlords

A. The Dragonlords will be composed of three, individual, and permanent offices of The Freehold. The Dragonlords shall serve as the ruling triumvirate. The aforementioned offices are as follows:

1. Dragonlord of War: The Field Marshal of the Valyrian Forces, charged with the external and internal defense of the alliance.

2. Dragonlord of Peace: The Chief Diplomat of the Foreign Affairs Department, charged with bettering The Freehold through diplomacy.

3. Dragonlord of Growth: The Chief Architect of the Internal Affairs and Finance Departments, charged with the internal and financial growth and prosperity of all Valyrians.

B. All matters of the alliance are decided on by the Dragonlords, with a majority vote being the deciding factor on issues such as, but not limited to:

1. Foreign Treaties

2. Declarations of War

3. Laws and Policies

C. Term of Office: The Dragonlords shall hold their positions until death, resignation, or impeachment, with a 75% supermajority vote from the Tribunal required to remove via the latter.

D. Succession: Following a vacancy, an election will be held per Article III.

ii. Diadoch

A. The Diadoch shall serve as the People’s representative. The Diadoch is charged with fighting corruption and oppression in the name of all Valyrians. The office’s main purpose is to provide a check against the Dragonlords. The Diadoch shall serve as the presiding officer over the Tribunal, establishing rules of order and other officers as he sees fit. He shall have powers to order investigations into scandals or corruption, issue subpoenas pertaining to investigations, and issue various demands or instructions from the Tribunal as requested by a majority of the Tribunal.

B. The Diadoch shall have veto power over all actions of the Dragonlords. The veto may be overridden by a unanimous second vote.

C. The Diadoch shall serve for an indefinite term, subject to resignation, death, impeachment via the Tribunal, or a vote of confidence per the unanimous request of the Dragonlords.

1. If the Dragonlords pass a unanimous request for a vote of confidence, the entirety of The Freehold shall vote. If a 75% supermajority of Valyrians vote against the Diadoch, he shall step down from his office.

D. Succession: The Diadoch, upon the office being vacated, is elected by the entirety of The Freehold. The prior Diadoch may nominate a successor, who shall be the de facto nominee for the office. However, if a successor is not named, or the successor chosen is not satisfactory, any Valyrian in good standing may put their name forth, or the name forth of another. In either circumstance, all Valyrians shall vote until a 75% supermajority is reached, upon which the new Diadoch shall be crowned.

iii. Archons

A. Various Archons shall fulfill certain and various duties within the government of The Freehold.

1. Archon of Internal Affairs (AoIA): Responsible for the management and day-to-day operation of the Internal Affairs Department. Duties include, but are not limited to: recruitment, management of the Mentor Program, and building the internal environment and atmosphere of the alliance, including forums, Discord, etc. Directly reports to the Dragonlord of Growth. One word mission: Members.

2. Archon of Foreign Affairs (AoFA): Responsible for the management and day-to-day operation of the Foreign Affairs Department. Duties include, but are not limited to: conducting foreign relations with other alliances, establishing friendships worldwide, and negotiating treaties, with the permission of the Dragonlord of Peace. Directly reports to the Dragonlord of Peace. One word mission: Diplomacy.

3. Archon of Finance (AoF): Responsible for the management and day-to-day operation of the Finance Department. Duties include, but are not limited to: aid falls, tech deals, trade circles, and coordinating overall alliance building with the Archon of Internal Affairs. Directly reports to the Dragonlord of Growth. One word mission: Prosperity.

4. Archon of Media (AoM): Responsible for the management of the Media and Academy Departments. Duties include, but are not limited to: maintaining and building the library of guides, and ensuring proper new member materials are in place, as well as general duties of the Media Department, such as ensuring all Valyrians are informed, a newsletter, forum activity initiatives, etc. Directly reports to the Dragonlord of Growth. One word mission: Information.

5. Archon at Large (AaL): Three Archons at Large, elected every three months, will not be assigned to specific departments. They shall serve, instead, as advisors to all departments, and provide assistance in any way possible to any department. Directly reports to all Dragonlords.

iv. The Tribunal

A. The Tribunal, or assembly, shall consist of every Valryian who is not a Dragonlord or Archon. The Tribunal will only be called together when their vote is counted, such as aforementioned and subsequent scenarios. The Tribunal will further be asked to solve disputes between the various departments, and the Dragonlords, if necessary. When the Tribunal is not called forth for specific duties, it shall serve as an open assembly for Valyrians to voice their opinions on matters.

Article III: Elections

A. Elections will be held every three months for Archons at Large and every six months for the Archons of Finance, Foreign Affairs, Media, and Internal Affairs.

B. Elections will have the duration as follows:

1. Two day nomination period

2. Two day campaign/debate period

3. Two day voting period

C. Any member of The Freehold in good standing shall be eligible to run for any office in The Freehold. A Valyrian may only run for one position per election. If, in the event of an elected position becoming empty before an election, at any time in the position’s term, the Diadoch may appoint a temporary holder of the position until the next election.

D. All Archon elections shall be decided by a simple majority, and the elections of the Dragonlords and Diadoch shall be decided by a 75% supermajority.

Article IV: War and Peace

A. Wars will only be declared during peacetime on non-affiliated, inactive nations with the permission of the Dragonlord of War, or his designated officers in charge of such duties.

B. First strike nuking, spy missions, or otherwise dangerous military operations that are not sanctioned by the Dragonlord of War and his two fellow Dragonlords are not permitted. This includes tech raiding.

C. In the case of a member of the alliance being attacked by another nation, whether alliance-affiliated or not, the member will promptly report the incident to the Dragonlord of War, or the member’s direct military officer, to ensure the issue can be diffused quickly and diplomatically.

D. Declarations of war and peace will only be made by the Dragonlords.

Article V: Disciplinary Action

A. The Diadoch shall be the Chief Magistrate of The Freehold and will be responsible for all disciplinary actions and subsequent pardons or punishments for any breaches in the charter, laws, policies, war codes, and the like. Any behavior unbecoming of a member of the alliance is grounds for punishment.

B. In the case of misconduct, high crimes, or misdemeanors by an official of the government, including the Diadoch, the Tribunal will hear the case and vote, with a 75% supermajority vote needed to convict. In the event of a conviction, the official will be removed from office automatically.

C. Convictions and impeachments may be reversed if a subsequent alliance-wide vote reaches a simple majority.

Article VI: Amendments

A. Any Valyrian may propose amendments to the Charter of The Freehold.

B. A unanimous vote by the Dragonlords, approval by the Diadoch, and a 75% supermajority vote of the Tribunal is required to ratify the amendment to the charter.

Article VII: Merger or Disbandment

A. To merge or disband the alliance, a unanimous vote of the Dragonlords, approval by the Diadoch, and a 75% supermajority of the Tribunal is required. The merger or disbandment must then be subject to a second vote, in which a 2/3 majority of all Valyrians must approve.

Signed, March 5th, 2017,


The Red Kraken, Iron Emeritus of The Ironborn


Marco Esse

Former Fabricator Machina of The Mechanicus

Dragonlord of Growth

General Gorgoth

Former Guildmaster of The Mages Guild

Dragonlord of Peace

Daario Naharis

The Tyroshi Sellsword, Iron Emeritus of The Ironborn

Dragonlord of War

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