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United Pastafarian Alliance Coalition



The Fugly Deterrence AccordsEdit

HeroesOfGaming United Pastafarian Alliance Coalition Protectorate Agreement

1. HoG and UPAC are friends. Friends don't let friends mess with the fuglies. Friends also don't attack friends. Any aggression between HoG and UPAC will be handled diplomatically, and the aggressor will pay reparations to the victim alliance.

2. HoG is committed to the growth and prosperity of UPAC. UPAC will have access to the resources of HoG. HoG will support UPAC economically and militarily.

3. Sometimes members of HoG and UPAC, while partying exceedingly hard, may have a little too much to drink. In these situations, encounters with fuglies are very possible. HoG and UPAC shall deter such fugliness and not allow one another to be harmed by these dangerous aggressors. An attack on HoG is an attack on UPAC, and vice versa. That being said, sometimes there are just too many fuglies to handle: HoG will not ask UPAC to get involved in a situation that they are not adequately prepared for.

4. UPAC won't start any wars, nor will they sign any treaties without HoG saying "ok" first. Once again, we gotta keep the fuglies away.

5. HoG and UPAC pledge to party hard together.

6. If, for some reason, the partying gets lame, either alliance may cancel these accords with 72 hours advanced notice.


This treaty has only been activated one time, and that was war with Albino Black Sheep. ABS had been tech raiding members of UPAC when approached they were hostile, they were given 4 days to deal with the situation, when ABS refused to even deal with the situation the forces of HeroesOfGaming, UPAC, and L1 declared war. (L1 was also being tech raided by ABS and with permission of HoG joined in the conflict with ABS.)

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