The Hegemon of Earth
Capital City Amesterdam
Alliance The Federation of Independent States
Nation Strength
• Approximate Ranking
1,030.937 as of June 17, 2006
Rank: 2785
Founding 28 of April,2006
  • Ruler
Hegemon Peter Wiggin
National Anthem
Official Language(s) English
National Motto pacis per veneratio, peace with honor...
Political Parties The Hegemony is unique for it's lack of political parties.
Population Happiness
 • Total

183.934 mile diameter.
 • Civilians
 • Soldiers
2,616 Supporters
2,071 Working Citizens
545 Soldiers
Number of Tanks 18
Infrastructure 196.20
Technology 11.25
 • Description
National Tax Rate 28%
  • Gross Individual
•  After Taxes

$75.89(a srong economy)
Literacy Rate 96.60%
Currency 1 Dollar ($) = 100 Pennies
 • Connected
Furs & Water
Uranium, Gems, Cattle, Oil, Pigs, Rubber, Wheat, Grapes, and Coal

General Information Edit

The Hegemony is technically classified as a Parlimentary Monarchistic Demarchy. The Hegemony is ruled by a strong centeral government position which has absolute authority over every matter of the nation. The nation is renowned for it's largely forested land and large moutanious regions. Large fresh water lakes and springs are located all over The Hegemony, and allow bottled water to be a chief export form The Hegemony. This fresh water is heavily gaurded and is only basically purified, as the water from the springs is already heavily naturally filtered by the unique composition of the rocks in the area.

Government Edit

The technical term for The Hegemony's

Diplomatic History Edit

The Hegemony of Earth is the founder of both the Federation of Independent States and the Universal Accord. The charter was of the Federation was written by Peter Wiggin.

Peter Wiggin is the current senator of foreign affairs of the Federation of Independent States.

Social Information Edit

The Hegemony has a strong economy and it's people are extremely happy. Lately, the Hegemony has invested heavily in defensive military technology.

The people of the hegemony make quite a lot of money. As such, they are able to invest heavily in advanced education.

The popluation has a natural aptitude to astrophysics and diplomacy.

The Hegemony Edit

The Hegemony

The Federation Edit

The Federation of Independent States

Peter Wiggin Edit

Peter Wiggin

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