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This treaty became void as of Jul 24 2006, 04:32 GMT due to the Legion's declaration of war against New Pacific Order.

The Imperial AccordsEdit

An alliance between the nations of the Legion and the New Pacific Order


In recognition that both the Legion and the New Pacific Order are committed to the continued prosperity and development of their respective member nations, we, the assembled members of both alliances resolve to enter into this alliance between our two bodies in the belief that said agreement will further the causes to which we cling.

Article IEdit

This alliance will be in effect immediately and unto perpetuity unless either side terminates said alliance or either side participates, or has member nations participate, in military action against member nations of the other signatory body. If either alliance terminates this agreement they will inform the alternate side at least four days before carrying out any activity against the previous partnered alliance unless the reason for termination is overt military action from the counter signed alliance.

Article IIEdit

The alliance will act as predetermined authorization from both parties to formally request assistance in any war against any unsigned alliance or nation. Each treatied alliance has the option to refuse said request but can not use said refusal as means of breaking the alliance outside the normal means determined in Article I.

Article IIIEdit

The New Pacific Order and the Legion recognize the need for selective protection in regards to the security and well being of member nations. To that end the signatory alliances agree to share intelligence that is determined to be detrimental in nature to the well being of either alliance. The sharing of said alliance will be handled strictly via formal diplomatic channels.


This alliance is entered into Law for both signatory parties.

Signed for the New Pacific OrderEdit



Signed for the LegionEdit

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