The Liberation Faction

National Flag
"Viva la Revolucion"
National Anthem
Victoria y Libertad por Siempre
Capital City Sai Lan
Official Language(s) Spanish, Vietnamese
Government Type Revolutionary Revolutionary
Ruler Lieutenant Fian Nyong
Alliance CPCN flag
Communist Party of CyberNations
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Orange team Orange
Religion Mixed Mixed
Currency Currency Dong Dong
Native Resources gems iron

The Liberation Faction is a small, young, South American militaristic rogue state, and was first formed in the DR Amazon in early 1981 by Lieutenant Fian Nyong of the national army, after seeing the horrific abuse of human rights by the soldiers. Many main members of the international community refer to the LF as a small, petty, weak terrorist despotship. Nyong denies this, saying that he and his soldiers are "...the last beacon of hope for the oppressed Amazonian people...".

History Edit

The LF started out as a tiny rebel force in the southern most province, Boguito, of the DRA, raiding and ambushing convoys and harrassing the country's national army, Nyong and his forces even attempted an unsuccessful coup on the 25th June 1980, but were defeated by the republican guard and forced to go into hiding, where he gathered enough support to form an independence movement. The DRA reacted by proposing a coalition with three of it's neighbouring nations, two agreed, and on the 12th July 1980, a huge coalition force entered Boguito to wipe out the small LF army. Heavy fighting ensued, but the LF's forces turned the tides with guerrilla warfare, killing off squadron after squadron of coalition forces, forcing them to retreat back into government stable territory, but many more assaults were to come. On the 20th of September 1991, LF forces stormed the government offices in Boguito's sub-capital of Mandaras, where an unofficial decleration of independence -signed by Nyong, his Lieutenants and the governor of Boguito- was nailed to a pillar, and the remaining government soldiers were sent back to the DRA in chains.

The DRA and much of the international community refused to accept this though, as it had been deemed by the superpowers as a terrorist group, and coalitions still. But on the 7th of January, 2008, the DRA and the LF signed an agreement that The Liberation Faction would take control of Boguito, and declare it a sovereign state.

South East Asian Influence Edit

The LF territories have a strong population of Vietnamese and Lao peoples, especially in the western areas, due to The Vietnamese Enterprise hundreds of years ago.

The Vietnamese and Lao were two of the main groups who supported Nyong's breakaway state, as they had been one of the main targets of the DRA soldiers. The LF army is mainly made up of Vietnamese volenteers. Nyong himself is Vietnamese.

The LF also recieved support from Vietnam itself during the failed coup, and the decleration of independence. The end of the Vietnam War resulted in yet another influx of Vietnamese into the DRA.

Military Edit

The LF has only one military branch, it's Guerrilla orientated army, made mainly of volenteers and militia. Despite the rag-tag appearance, the Liberation Army of Boguita is highly trained in jungle and urban warfare, and has defeated the Amazonian National Army. As said before, it is often referred to as a terrorist force, but this is denied by almost every citizen of the LF.