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In an attempt to seal the positive foreign relations between the Viridian Entente (VE) and Confederacy of Independent States (CIS), as well as provide an assurance of mutual protection and support in the times where they are needed most, this Mutual Defense Pact has been created and proposed. May the VE and the CIS live long through the defense of their allies, and most importantly, the positive decisions and work of their selves.

Article 1Edit

Both members of this pact are barred from declarations of war between members of the other alliance involved in this pact. A declaration of war between a member of either side of this pact will result in the requirement of reparations equal to or greater than the total damages caused within thirty-six hours of received knowledge of the action. Failure to provide the reparations in due time will result in the immediate discharge of the attacker by his/her respective alliance.

Article 2Edit

Interalliance declarations of war against either member of this pact will require that the other member of this pact immediately declare war upon the aggressor. Both the VE and the CIS shall attempt to organize their military and diplomatic efforts in order to prevent further war and especially secure peace.

Due to the severe extent of damages caused by sanctions, as well as their general aggressive nature, the use of sanctions against either member of this pact will be considered an aggressive act of war.

It should be noted that declarations of war by members of this pact against another alliance will require no support from the other member of this agreement.

Article 3Edit

The declaration of war by either member of this pact against the other member of this pact will result in the immediate termination of the agreement.

Failure to follow any of the articles of this pact will cause the immediate termination of this agreement.

Either member of this pact may request termination of this pact, at which point a 120-hour waiting period will ensue, followed by the termination of this agreement.


Viridian Entente
Egore, Lord of the Viridian Entente
Cornelius, Minister of Foreign Affairs
forsberg, Minister of Defense

Confederacy of Independent States
Kasmage, High Chancellor
Witmore, Vice Chancellor
Spakistan, Minister of Defense

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