Brief Overview of WarEdit

Queen Annes Revenge attacked The Mighty America. This war was unprovoked in any way. The Mighty America was forced into anarchy. The Mighty America requested aid from Ville de Calc, who proceeded to attack Queen Annes Revenge. All parties involved received losses.


Queen Annes Revenge will pay $8,000 in reparations to The Mighty America and $6,000 to Ville de Calc. This amounts of a total reparations payment on the part of Queen Annes Revenge of $14,000. This total is derived from the following:

  • Loss of infrastructure.
  • Loss of soldiers.
  • Loss of technology
  • Loss of production due to anarcy and war.


These reparations are to be payed by Saturday, March 17. If not payed, Ville de Calc and The Mighty America will continue their assault on Queen Annes Revenge.


your nation name here (leader of Queen Annes Revenge)

Disciple of Colbert (leader of The Mighty America)

Watermaximillion (leader of Ville de Calc)

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