The Multi Flavoured Spartan Beer Garden

Flag of Sparta
Multicolored Cross-X Alliance

Treaty Type: MDP
Treaty Signed: April 19, 2008
Treaty Cancelled: August 24, 2009
Treaty Status: Cancelled


We, the representatives of the undersigned alliances, in order to solidify our long-term friendship and loyalty to one another, hereby agree to the following Mutual Defense Pact.

Article I: Mutual DefenseEdit

A declaration of war upon a member of either alliance is considered an act of aggression upon both alliances and will be treated as such. Peace will only be offered through mutual consent of the alliances represented by the undersigned; and only accepted under the same terms. Diplomatic channels will remain open in the event that a declaration of war by an outside alliance is an unsanctioned operation.

Article II: Aid to Enemy NationsEdit

Both alliances signing this pact acknowledge and agree that no aid, militarily, financially, or otherwise, shall be given to alliances or nations engaged in military conflict with either respective signing alliance.

Article III: EspionageEdit

In the signing of this pact it is acknowledged that no acts of espionage should be undertaken by either alliance, whether against each other or other parties. Such an act will result in an immediate 24 hour suspension while the opposite party decides whether or not to terminate this pact. In-game spying is also prohibited against each signatory.

Article IV: TerminationEdit

This treaty can be revoked at any time by either alliance's primary decision making body with notification given 48 hours in advance. Once notification has been issued to the opposite alliance, a 48-hour grace period shall stand whereas violence and aggressive acts will not be issued. After that, the articles of this pact will be terminated.


Signed for Sparta:
Kings -
Tulak Hord
Bush 84

Ephors of Foreign Affairs -

Signed on behalf of the MCXA High Council:
Sam, Co-Chancellor
Ololiqui, Co-Chancellor
Anakey, High Council
Wain, High Council
GONEfishin34, High Council
Dr. Fresh, High Council
Valashu, High Council
Dragonaspect, High Council
Blackeagle, High Council
CWC, High Council
Jesse James, High Council
TFS, High Council
Wozzname, High Council

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