The Palace of Love
Flag of Viridian Entente

National Flag
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(namely, bears, with halberds)

"While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die."
Official Language(s) English, Dutch
Established 1/04/2006
Ruler Leprecon
Alliance Viridian Entente
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Nation Team Green team Green
Native Resources Fish Furs

Nation History Edit

The beginning -Edit

The NPO, and before

Though The Palace of Love has been around since before GW1, it has refrained from fighting in any mayor conflict, besides the occasional tech raider. After becoming too vulnerable for tech raiding (due to no alliance), Leprecon sought protection from the best. Without knowing anything about alliances, Leprecon joined the NPO. It didn't take long before Leprecon regretted this and then he decided to join a more personal alliance.

A homeEdit

The Viridian Entente

Leprecon found a better alliance because of some of his friends who were in the Viridian Entente. This led to The Palace of Love joining the fight in GW3. (Leprecon was oblivious to any great war before it) Despite defeating his enemies very successfully, Leprecon did not like fighting. Leprecon decided the Green civil war was a lost cause, and fled the VE while in peace Mode. A decision which he would later regret.

A new startEdit


In need of protection fast, The Palace of Love decided to join the closest green alliance, with the prospect of not staying there long before finding a different alliance to settle in. To Leprecon's surprise, the GPA was a very friendly, good, and safe alliance. Leprecon found the GPA to be so worthy, that he had decided to fight in the GPA-Continuum War war, until the GPA surrendered. This made The Palace of Love lose thousands of infrastructure, and all of its nukes (due to the GPA surrender terms). Leprecon realized that since the GPA was attacked, no alliance can be safe from war, and if war is going to find Leprecon, why should he not prepare his nation for it. Leprecon paid 250 tech reparations, as a symbolic act of finalizing his fight, and as acknowledgment of his full involvement in the GPA-Continuum War, and sought a new alliance.

Back homeEdit

The Viridian Entente

Leprecon decided to stay green, considering he had fought for green many times before. In search of an alliance, ironically, he emigrated to the Viridian Entente, from which he had once fled. It didn't take long for Leprecon to get comfortable in the VE. Despite being very interested in the politics of planet bob, Leprecon had never held, or tried to hold, a position in any alliance. This changed when Leprecon was offered the post of Battalion Lieutenant, which he gladly accepted. Leprecon swiftly rose to the ranks of Battalion Commander and afterwards Deputy Secretary of Defense. Leprecon also managed to launch nukes and eat nukes while fighting in the NPO-OV War on Karma's side. Due to negligence, incompetence, and overall apathy Leprecon was eventually demoted from his position. Now he loyally resides in the Viridian Entente, ready and eager for whatever trials will face him.