The The Polar Shield of Unity and Trust
Former Members

National Alliance of Arctic Countries

League of Small Superpowers
Flag of LoSS

  • The Polar Shield of Unity and Trust was a Mutual Defense Pact between LOSS and the NAAC


Should either of the signed alliances be attacked by another high power, the contracting parties are bound to come to the assistance of one another with the whole strength of their Alliance, and only to conclude peace together upon mutual agreement.


Should, however, a contracting party be deemed to have provoked this attack or was the aggressor in the aforementioned attack, the second Party shall reserve the right to withdraw its support.


The contracting parties shall agree not to perform any covert operations or acts of espionage upon the other.


Each of the respected parties has the right to request a meeting of urgency with the leaders of the other contracted alliance. This meeting shall be held within 24 hours of the request, and the contents of the discussions are to be held private between the two said alliances. If leaders of the respected alliances are unavailable, members of each alliance are required to nominate members of their alliance to represent them in the discussions.


The duration of this Treaty shall be provisionally fixed at six months from the day of ratification. One week before the expiration of this pact the two contracting parties shall consult together to question whether the conditions serving as the basis of the Treaty are still necessary, and will reach an agreement in regard to the further continuance or possible modifications of certain details.


This Treaty shall derive its validity from the approbation of the two respected Alliance Leaders and Ministers of Foreign Affairs and shall come into effect upon signing.


Minister of Foreign Affairs: Krobzy
Protector: Al R. Ry

Consul: Nidhogg
Tribunus Externus: Drugsup

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