At current, the Republic consists of 20+ nations, all of which have a link of sorts to the forums.

The Republic government decided to keep membership limited to thoose with a connection to the community forums.



The Republic has held (and completed) it's first election for the position of President. The two contenders are (were) Evo The Sheep and Solaris (nations of Evo Land and The New Roman Empire, respectively).

Solaris (nation of The New Roman Empire), was declared winner, results being 9 to 0 in Solaris' favor. Two votes were unnofically submitted, and therefore, were not counted during the election.

President - Solaris (nation of The New Roman Empire)

The positions that follow, aside from the Liutenant War General (appointed by War General) are all held by persons appointed by the President.

Vice President - Adrien C (nation of Adriens Republic)

War General - 15357 (nation of Numberslands)

Ambassador - Glirk Dient (nation of Glirkland)

The Republic of is currently a member of the Federation of Gaming Forums.


The Republic holds no past/settled inter alliance wars. However, the Republic holds a past hostile relationship with the "axis powers", an unnoficial Alliance headed by "DerFuhrer" (nation of New Deutschland).

The "Axis Powers" and the Republic are currently in peaceful relations.

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