The Revolutionary Capitalist Alliance

A Declaration for a New World Order

Current Owner/ Emperor - Collier of Marco Island


1)Establish a free society where all capitalists can thrive (Your nation does not need to be capitalist to join)

2)Unite other alliances to build a strong confederation

3)Help new members establish themselves

4)Create a new strong voice for capitalists throughout Cybernations

5)Build bonds of friendship and unity

6)Stand strong against enemies


If you would like to join The RCA, you must include the following

1) Nation/ Leader Name

2) Resources

3) Team Color (Although we accept all colors we need this anyway)

4) Previous Alliances

5) How did you hear about us?

6) Do you agree to our terms?

Terms of AgreementEdit

On my honor, I, _____________ pledge myself to The Revolutionary Capitalist Alliance, in hopes of creating a powerful alliance with a strong military deterrent and do so honorably swear to protect the institutions of capitalism.

Governing Hierarchy and Order of SuccessionEdit

                  Executive Branch
                     *Vice Roy
*President      *Ranking General      *Chief Diplomat
High Chancellor  *Colonel General   Senior Ambassador
Vice Chancellor    *Major General        Ambassadors

Officers         *Lieutenant General       Officers
                 *Head of the Order

                Legislative Assembly 
                 *Chief Legislator
         Legislative Body and General Assembly

                 The Order of Knights
                     *Vice Roy
                  *Head of the Order 
                  Alpha Order Knights
                  Beta Order Knights
               General Assembly of Knights

star indicates a member of the war council


1) Department members may be appointed by the department heads

2) The order of succession can be chosen by the department head

3) Any complaints or concerns will be handled by department heads

4) Each department has a leader, a “second in command” and 2 chancellors

a. All of these members are granted powers of appointing other members

5) New Departments can be created by the Owner/ Emperor or the CEO/ Vice Roy


1) Each color represented in the RCA is granted the power to elect 3 members to the legislature

2) The color with the most members may elect 4 members to the legislature

3) Any legislator can bring an issue to the floor

4) Although the emperor cannot vote in the legislature, he is given power of the veto

a. This veto maybe overridden by a unanimous decision of legislators


1) Elections are held every 2 weeks

2) Each color elects a Board Member/ Governor and 3 Company Partners/ Legislators

3) There is no term limit

War CouncilEdit

1) Makes all alliance war related decisions

2) Appointed by Owner/ Emperor

3) Currently consists of Emperor, CEO, President, Vice President and the 2 Chancellors of the Foreign Relations Department.

Stockholders/ Other AlliancesEdit

In hopes of creating a confederation of alliances within the RCA, we have implemented stockholders. Stockholders are alliances that have pledged themselves to the RCA but still hold power to rule themselves. A house of stockholder representatives shall be created to discuss issues. These representatives shall be the leaders of each alliance in the confederacy associated with the RCA. Stockholders may apply for their members to become parts of RCA departments while still remaining part of his or her old alliance.


If an alliance wishes to dissolve into the RCA, the leadership of that alliance will be given high government positions respectfully.

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