Senate Office
Current Term December 2000-December 2006
Current Senator Mr. S. Duvan
For senators elected by nation teams, see Nation teams › Senators.

The Senator is the head of the Senate in The Land of Not Real.

Election Edit

The Senator is nominated and elected once every 6 years by his peers in the Senate. There is no input from the population of Not Real in the election of The Senator, which causes some discomfort amongst the citizens, although most see that it is necessary to have a leader to the Senate. In order to be eligible for the position a Senator must serve 3 consecutive terms, totalling 15 years as a Senator. The 12 Representatives are ineligible for nomination until they have first been nominated to hold one of the 3 Senator positions and serve the 3 necessary terms. No man may hold office as The Senator for more than 1 term, unless a state of emergency is declared in which case elections will be postponed and The Senate will continue to officiate.

Duties Edit

Duties of The Senator are generally just to control the Senate discussions and decisions, and so is needed to be a respected yet authoritative figure within the Senate. The Senator controls the agenda, and will allocate Senate time to relevant issues which Representatives and Senators bring to the Senate for discussion. Although The Senator holds the highest position in The Senate, he does not receive extra powers in terms of voting, although The Senator does possess a Veto which he can bring into effect whenever the Senate cannot reach a 75% majority on a subject. Furthermore, The Senator holds Special Powers; such as the power to bring The Senate into an emergency session at any time, as well as being able to send all Senators home, delcare a state of National Emergency and with he consensus of The 3 Senators declare Martial Law.

History Edit

Here is a short list of the previous 5 occupants of The Senators office.

  • Mr. S. Duvan. 2000-2006
  • Mr. P. Thome. 1994-2000
  • Mr. A. Thome. 1988-1994
  • Mr. L. Lucass. 1982-1988
  • Mr. L. Galzer. 1976-1982

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