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A brief history of The Timpire.

The Timpire was created on a damp and rainy day about 3 months ago. This was due to its King discovering Cyber Nations and thinking it would be a bit of a giggle. And so with a few RL and web-based chums he set off to craft a uptopia, in Iceland. The early weeks were beset with minor wars which were won or settled amicably after stalemate became the prevailing tendency of the wars. Soon a thousand people live in its barriers.

One month down the line The Timpire elected to join the NpO an up-coming-allaince that seemed to be set to the big time do the request of an ally who was in the NpO already. It was all fun and games for a few weeks, then World War III broke out. King Tim objected to war breaking out over what it did and was discharged from the NpO honourably. The Timpire rejoined after the war after being set upon by a rogue nation whom did severe damage to the Timpire, The King has since sworn vengeance against the nation of Serialjoe. However is held in check by the NpO.

Recently The Timpire has been plodding along in the NpO and with its external allies The populace marvels at technological advancements, and the craters ahve been filled in. The future is bright it seems.

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