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The Union of Oligarchs is an alliance founded by a group of friends after they discovered CyberNations and disregarding all conventional wisdom decided to fly solo from the very beginning.

The Creator of the Union is Oligarch Regus Janus Rook representing the nation of Flussland.

TUO Flag2

Flag of the Union of Oligarchs

Also represented is Oligarch Ultabuff from the Union of Awesomeness, Oligarch Panama Red (also known as theGreenRonin) from the Panamanian Alliance, and Oligarch Tobodai from the Federal Republic of Beringia.

Recently joined is KithKunabi of the Nation of Kunabi.

At the current time The Union of Oligarchs is in the embryonic founding stage and as such does not desire any new members until they have worked out the finer details.

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