Peace, Aid, and Intelligence Treaty

Random Insanity Alliance

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This Treaty Mentions Beer Like A Real Hipster was a Peace, Intelligence and Aid Treaty between \m/ and the Random Insanity Alliance announced on September 9, 2007. It became defunct 10 days later when \m/ disbanded on September 19, 2007.

This Treaty Mentions Beer Like A Real HipsterEdit

The Random Insanity Alliance and \m/ agree to go into Peace Mode, lower their intelligence, and trade account passwords...or something like that.


\m/ and the RIA acknowledge a state of peace between them. Neither alliance shall engage in hostilities against the other. If by some chance something uncool happens involving \m/ and the RIA, they'll handle it like bros(short for brother, not the member. =\ Sorry, bros).


\m/ and the RIA agree to immediately share any information they acquire which pertains to the other. Simple enough, no?


\m/ and the RIA are encouraged, though not required, to provide AIDS to each other should one ask for AIDS. In place of AIDS, the RIA is also willing to provide free condoms.


Ravage the land as never before! Total destruction from mountains to shore!


This isn't so big a deal that it needs a cancellation clause. If either alliance really feels that this treaty just isn't happening, all that's needed to cancel it is prior notification. Trying to repair what caused the compulsion to split the pact would be cool, too.

Signed for the RIA:Edit

Azural- Leader
Vintus - Co-Leader
Damen - Head of Foreign Affairs
Moth - Economic Advisor

Signed for \m/:Edit


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