Threat Level allows nations to prepare for possible spy attacks. The more elevated the threat level indicator, the more prepared the nation's counter intelligence systems will be to thwart enemy spy attacks.

Threat Level SettingsEdit

There are five Threat Level settings, and Threat Level can be changed only once per day. Generally, you should be in Threat Level Low during peacetime and Threat Level Severe during war.

Threat Level LowEdit

Threat Level Low is peacetime readiness. It has no effect on population happiness and decreases counter-intelligence readiness.

  • -0.0 population happiness
  • 75% counter-intelligence readiness

Threat Level GuardedEdit

Threat Level Guarded is slightly more cautious. It slightly reduces population happiness and provides slightly-below-normal counter-intelligence readiness.

  • -0.5 population happiness
  • 90% counter-intelligence readiness

Threat Level ElevatedEdit

Threat Level Elevated is average cautiousness. It has a small effect on population happiness and has standard counter-intelligence readiness.

  • -1.0 population happiness
  • 100% counter-intelligence readiness

Threat Level HighEdit

Threat Level High is above normal readiness. It has a medium effect on population happiness and slightly increases counter-intelligence readiness.

  • -1.5 population happiness
  • 110% counter-intelligence readiness

Threat Level SevereEdit

Threat Level Severe is very high readiness. It has a large effect on population happiness and increases counter-intelligence readiness.

  • -2.0 population happiness
  • 125% counter-intelligence readiness
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