Flag of Timeria

National Flag
"Ius reipublicae pacto mutari non potest"
Capital City Hermenépolis
Official Language(s) Spanish
Established February 8 of 2003
Government Type Republic Republic
Alliance European Micronational Union
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Orange team Orange
Religion None None

Timeria (officially Senatorial Republic of Timeria, in spanish (República Senatorial de Timeria)is a democratic republic in the south of the mediterranian coast of Europe. Was fundate on February 8 of 2003 and is a democracy.

Nation InformationEdit

Timeria has a President of the Republic (Presidente de la República) and the Senate (El Senado), elected by elections every week. The Senate controls the government. The parties actually in the Senate are the PN (National Party) the PS (Socialist Party) and PCT (Communist Party of Timeria).

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