National Flag
Capital City Orlando
Official Language(s) English
Established 03/30/2006
(4,378 days old)
Government Type Republic Republic
Ruler ScottenBurgh
Alliance Ggaflag8
Grand Global Alliance
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Green team Green
Statistics as of 03/09/08
Total population n/a
 80,000 civilians
 n/a soldiers
Literacy Rate 100%%
Religion Roman Catholic Roman Catholic
Currency Currency Dollar Dollar
Infrastructure 5360.00
Technology 724
Nation Strength 27,000
Nation Rank 3598 of 5,242 (68.64%)
Total Area 1,600^2 miles Earth icon
Native Resources Coal Sugar
Connected Resources Oil Water

Trizonia Established on March 30, 2006 by Ryan ScottenBurgh has grown to be one of the most influential nations states in cybernations. Located on the Florida peninsula its citizens enjoy a warm temperate climate and long sandy beaches. Trizonia is also know for its military prowess having never lost a war in its entire existence while fighting within the Grand Global Alliance, despite three devastating nuclear attacks.



Government: Tri Republic Constitutional Monarchy

Current President: Ryan ScottenBurgh

Parliament: Senate 150 Total: 112 Conservative Party, 20 Libertarin party, 17 Neo-Liberal Party, 1 Green Party

Judicial Branch: 5 Justices

Organizations: Member of the Grand Global Alliance (GGA since May 2006)

GGA Awards

-Note: Although Trizoina maintains its sovereignty; foreign policy is approved/directed by the supra national (GGA)… Trizonia has a vested stake in the security of the GGA as well as its own nation. Trizonia has reserved the right to revoke its membership with the GGA if it feels fit, however being one of the most tenured nations within the GGA this scenario is HIGHLY unlikely.

Capital: Orlando

Grand Global Alliance Flag:


Citizens:70,000 (+)

White: 96% (Irish, German)

Hispanic: 3%

Jewish: .5%

Other: .5%


Roman Catholic: 99% (State Religion)

Jewish: .6%

Other: .4%


Currency: Dollar (Commodity based)

Major Resources: Coal, Sugar (Cane)

Trade: 5 Major trade partners

Foreing aid sent: Unknown (millions Trizoina Dollars)

GDP: ? Daily

GDP Per Capita: ? Daily

Tax Rate: 30%

Monetary Reserves: *unavailable due to security risks*



Airforce: State of the Art

Marines/Army: State of the Art

Navy: State of the Art

Space Defense: Developing

Trizoina intelligence Agency: Developing