United Alliance-RNU War
Start Date: March 22, 2008
End Date: March 27, 2008
Casus Belli: RNU suspected of supporting unnecessary attacks against UA members
Result: UA Victory

Nations: 4
Nukes: 0
Total NS: 7,684

Nations: 6
Nukes: 0
Total NS: 4,721


United Alliance
United Alliance flag

Revolutionary Nations Union
Placeholder Flag

The UA-RNU War, also known as the famous Ten Man War, began on March the 22nd 2008, when the United Alliance declared war on the Revolutionary Nations Union. The RNU were suspected of being involved in the support and aid of some recent random attacks by independent nations on members of the UA. The DoW thread on the CN forums for a reason that is quite unclear grew hugely, with over 450 replies after complaints made by former Prime Minister of PLUS on it concerning the validity of the war. The thread was closed on 03/26/2008.

Declaration MessageEdit

The following message was posted on the forums on the 03/23/2008 by one of the leaders of the UA.

"We, the United Alliance declare war on the Revolutionary Nations Union. We have suspected them of being involved in the supporting and providing aid to assist nations that have been recently involved in engaging in random attacks upon our alliance members. It is for that reason that we have already been hurt by these random attacks, and then getting support from an alliance is going too far, that we must declare a state of war upon the Revolutionary Nations Union."

Appeal for assistanceEdit

The United Alliance have begun an appeal for more members to overcome the RNU and the nations it has been assisting. The Revolutionary Nations Union however have not requested any assistance and haven't actually spoken to any of the United Alliance leaders and refused to reply when the UA were offering negotiations.

Forum IncidentEdit

On the 23rd of March after the declaration notice was posted on the forums, an uproar of posts began replying stating that the reasons for war were unjustified. Gradually this escalated into a large debate about alliance wars, with replies of over 450, it became one of the most viewed and responded to threads in the Alliance Politics section ever.

Following the controversy, the alliance gained massive popularity from the events and the support was huge. Protectorate and embassy offers were pouring in and the alliance a success. The war itself had almost been forgotten about.

Latest EventsEdit


After 5 days and still no response from the RNU the United Alliance council unanimously voted to declare the war a forfeit by the RNU, and the UA victorious.

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