The October 2007 UCFA Champions League is the 1st edition of the Cybernations Championship Football Tournament and is the first edition ever.

The final was played at the Stadio Imperator in Arcadia on 24 October 2007. Nigras beat Transvaal in the Final, 2-1.

Qualification Edit

The teams qualify by applying their national team to the Competition, there are 24 spots in all.

The seven teams playing so far are:

Team Alliance
Arcadian Empire Legion - Host
United Protectorates United Pirates Alliance
Transvaal Norden Verein
Costa Libertad United Elite Nations
Nigras COG
Eastern Australia First Democratic Order
IrishLand United Elite Nations

Group Stage Edit

Green Represents the four teams qualified for the next round

Full Table

1 Arcadian Empire 1264215922
2 IrishLand 12534151418
3 Transvaal 12534131318
4 Nigras 12444141316
5 Costa Libertad 12354141814
6 United Protectorates 12345111213
6 Eastern Australia 12255121511

Match Results:

Group Stage

Home Result Away
United Protectorates 0-1 IrishLand
Transvaal 1-0 Eastern Australia
Costa Libertad 2-2 Nigras
IrishLand 0-2 Arcadian Empire
Eastern Australia 0-0 United Protectorates
Nigras 0-1 Transvaal*
Arcadian Empire 2-1 Eastern Australia
United Protectorates 1-1 Nigras
Transvaal 1-1 Costa Libertad
Eastern Australia 1-1 IrishLand
Nigras 2-3 Arcadian Empire
Costa Libertad 2-1 United Protectorates
IrishLand 2-1 Nigras
Arcadian Empire 4-1 Costa Libertad**
United Protectorates 2-1 Transvaal
Costa Libertad 1-1 IrishLand
Nigras 1-1 Eastern Australia
Transvaal 1-2 Arcadian Empire
IrishLand 0-0 Transvaal
Eastern Australia 0-0 Costa Libertad
Arcadian Empire 0-0 United Protectorates
IrishLand 0-1 United Protectorates
Eastern Australia 3-1 Transvaal
Nigras 1-0 Costa Libertad*
Arcadian Empire 0-2 IrishLand
United Protectorates 1-1 Eastern Australia
Transvaal 1-0 Nigras
Eastern Australia 1-0 Arcadian Empire
Nigras 1-0 United Protectorates
Costa Libertad 2-1 Transvaal
IrishLand 4-2 Eastern Australia
Arcadian Empire 1-1 Nigras
United Protectorates 4-2 Costa Libertad
Nigras 2-0 IrishLand*
Costa Libertad* 0-0 Arcadian Empire
Transvaal 2-1 United Protectorates
IrishLand 2-1 Costa Libertad
Eastern Australia 1-2 Nigras
Arcadian Empire 0-0 Transvaal
Transvaal 3-2 IrishLand*
Costa Libertad 2-1 Eastern Australia
United Protectorates 0-1 Arcadian Empire

Final Stages

Bold indicates Final berth.

Home Result Away
Arcadian Empire 0-0 Nigras
IrishLand 1-3 Transvaal
Nigras 0-0 aet 4-2 PSO Arcadian Empire
Transvaal 0-0 IrishLand
Arcadian Empire 1-1 aet 5-3 PSO IrishLand
Nigras 2-1 Transvaal*

A "*" marked team has one red card coming into the match.

A "**" marked team has two red cards coming into the match

Just a note, this is the match report I recorded which I deemed to be the most exciting game of the tournament and the best showing of a player in a tournament game:

Most Exciting Game: IrishLand 4-2 Eastern Australia. Red Cards: Symanski (IRI.) Scorers: Kalinowski (IRI) 9, Wilson (EAS) 15 46, Kozlowski (IRI) 18, Olszewski (IRI) 20, Jasinski (IRI) 36.

My note: Look at the minutes when they scored... 9, 15, 18, 20, 36, 46. Especially look at the first four.

Best Showing by a Player: Rosario Efrain (UNI) 4 goals in one game. United Protectorates 4-2 Costa Libertad. Red Cards: Lucas (COS.) Efrain's goals: 4', 15', 62', 90+2'

Awards Edit

Top Goalscorers

Player Team Goals
Wekesa Olufemi Nigras 9
Samuel Wilson Eastern Australia 8
Michael Black Arcadian Empire 7
Armando Everisto Costa Libertad 7
Rosario Efrain United Protectorates 7
Onyekachukwu Isoba Nigras 7
Dakarai Baako Transvaal 7
Marius Kalinowski IrishLand 6
Ricardo Rivaldo Arcadian Empire 6
Janak Jacinski IrishLand 4
Faraji Dubuku Transvaal 4
Lachlan Bowzer Eastern Australia 3
Ezequiel Bautista United Protectorates 2
Jan Kozlowski Irishland 2
Vidal Primo Costa Libertad 2
Unathi Thabo Transvaal 2
Rogelio Gilberto Costa Libertad 2
Gary Porter Arcadian Empire 2
Kasmiri Walczak IrishLand 1
David Isaacs Arcadian Empire 1
Refilwe Masamba Transvaal 1
Lech Olszewski IrishLand 1
Cristian Gustavo United Protectorates 1
Jumaaane Jengo Transvaal 1
Renato Estaban Costa Libertad 1
Farai Emem Transvaal 1
Tibercio Fortunato Costa Libertad 1
Jerzy Pawlak Transvaal 1

Clean Sheets

Player Clean Sheets
Howard Ocean (ARC) 6
Tafadzwa Masamba (TRA) 6
Abrofo B'Kembi (NIG) 4
Mandek Krol (IRI) 4
James Overton (EAS) 3
Maximo Inigo (UNI) 3
Renato Nacio (COS) 2


Player Cautions Expulsions
Zarek Symanski (IRI) 2 1
Refilwe Masamba (NIG) 1 1
Ekenedilichukwu Kwadwo (NIG) 1 0
David Isaacs (ARC) 1 0
Ezequiel Bautista (UNI) 1 0
Aurelio Rafael (COS) 0 1
Narciso Quique (COS) 0 1
Kasmiri Walczak (IRI) 1 0
Armando Everisto (COS) 1 0
Onyekachukwu Isoba (NIG) 1 0
Wekesa Olufemi (NIG) 1 0
Domevelo Leek (NIG) 1 0
Sam Wilson (EAS) 1 0
Renato Estaban (COS) 1 0
Herminio Lucas (COS) 0 2
Jumaane Jengo (TRA) 1 0
Fungai Yaw (TRA) 1 0
Abidemi Leek (NIG) 1 0
Marion Sawicki (IRI) 0 1
Faraji Dubuku (TRA) 0 1

Own Goals

Player Team Scored for
Obi Kwesu Nigras Eastern Australia
Rufin Machalski IrishLand Transvaal

Knockout Stages Edit

The Knockout Stages will be contested by the 4 teams who finish in the top 4 of the table. The team ranked first will play the team ranked fourth, with the team higher ranked playing the first leg at home. The team ranked second will play the team ranked third.

Home-away playoffs:

  • Arcadian Empire v Nigras (0-0 and 0-0.) Nigras won 4-2 on the penalty shootout after the second leg.
  • IrishLand v Transvaal (1-3 and 0-0.) Transvaal won 3-1 on aggregate.

The losing teams played in the Third Place Playoff which was won by Arcadian Empire by beating IrishLand 4-3 on the penalty shootout after a drawn 1-1 extra time.

The Third Place Playoff was part of the pre-game entertainment for the Final, being played at Sunset.

Final Edit

The Final was played in the Stadio Imperator.

List of events during the day:

  • 1500 - Gates Open
  • 1530 - Pregame entertainment (music concert from UCFA countries)
  • 1730 - Sunset Game (Arcadian Empire v IrishLand - Third Place Playoff)
  • 2010 - Address from Emperor Power
  • 2020 - Teams come out, national anthems, UCFA anthem
  • 2030 - Main Event: Kick Off
  • 2220 - End of Game, Trophy Awarding
  • 2300 - Finish
  • 0000 - Gates Close

In the Third Place playoff, Arcadian Empire defeated IrishLand 4-3 on penalties after a 1-1 extra time.

The match was between Nigras who was drawn as the home team and Transvaal who was the away team.


Stadio Imperator. Seats 83,000

Nigras won the match 2-1.

Transvaal took the early lead after a mistake in the defence put Dakarai Baako through to perfectly place the ball into the bottom corner past Abrofo B'Kembi only 2 minutes into the match.

Nigras immediately bombarded the Transvaal goal with many long range shots with most of them being on target. Finally, a corner after a fantastic save by Tafadzwa Masamba put Nigras through when a Onyekachukwu Isoba header rebounded off the post and left Wekesa Olufemi with a clear tap in opportunity after 36 minutes.

Nigras continued the pressure on Transvaal creating a few scares especially one just before the half time interval when Abrofo B'Kembi spilled a long range shot from Faraji Dubuku to be almost tapped in by Dakarai Baako.

After the interval, Nigras ceased the long range shots preferring to make runs at the defence. This plan did not work very well and the first 20 minutes of the second half were played in the midfield. One minute later in the 66th minute, Wekesa Olufemi ran at the defence and unleashed a powerful laces shot that found itself into the net.

Transvaal immediately went into an overdrive mode copying Nigras' running at the defence tactic but in stoppage time had the best opportunity to score ever when a mistake in the defence put Farai Emem through but was unable to find the target past a rushing Abrofo B'Kembi.

The game was also characterised by many clean-through's, especially by Transvaal. However, remarkably, the possession was split 51% to Nigras and 49% to Transvaal.

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