ProtectoRIte Agreement
Former Signatories

Random Insanity Alliance

United Defense Contractors
(formerly Relentless Resistance Alliance) Placeholder Flag

The UDC ProtectoRIte Agreement, formerly the RRA ProtectoRIte Agreement, was a ProtectoRIte between the Random Insanity Alliance and the United Defense Contractors, formerly the Relentless Resistance Alliance, announced on January 21, 2007. The treaty became defunct with the United Defense Agreement in April of 2007.


The Random Insanity Alliance (RIA), having a strong relationship and good ties with the United Defense Contractors(UDC), does take on the role of Protector of UDC in order to guide and defend them from any who would seek to threaten them and their members.

Article IEdit

The RIA pledges to defend the UDC against any acts of aggression to the fullest extent of its ability. Any action taken against the UDC will be considered as a direct attack on the RIA.

Article IIEdit

The UDC agrees to give it’s loyalty to the RIA. Abuse of this friendship in any way will be cause for cancellation of this pact. Abuse includes, but is not limited to, provoking other alliances into a war, attacking the RIA or its allies, or aiding enemies of the RIA.

Article IIIEdit

The RIA will send a representative to the UDC. This representative will be kept informed of all events in the UDC and may act in an advisory role. To protect the sovereignty of the UDC, the representative will have no formal power in the UDC.

Article IVEdit


Article VEdit

Either alliance may withdraw from this treaty by giving 48 thousand cookies to the other alliance.

Signed, RIA:Edit

Azural, Leader
Flask, Co-Leader
Moth, Head of Foreign Affairs
Delta1212, War Advisor
Crazyisraelie, Economic Advisor

Signed, RRA:Edit

Rocka89, RRA Leader

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