A Peace, Intelligence and Aid Treaty between the United League of Nations (Henceforth known as ULN), and the Element (Henceforth known as EMT)

Article 1: SovereigntyEdit

Each alliance will remain independent, and contain separate governing bodies. This treaty only represents a relationship, and not a ruling decision. Further, any statement issued by one alliance, unless deemed otherwise, can be considered a statement solely by said alliance.

Article 2: PeaceEdit

EMT and ULN from here on out enter a state of peace and non-aggression. Any signatory's member nation attacking another signatory's' member nation will pay that nation reparations equal to 125% of the damage caused, or will be considered a rogue by both alliances. Aggression may also constitute any act of slander, or libel against either alliance. Any violation of this will lead to immediate cancellation of this treaty.

Article 3: Information SharingEdit

EMT and ULN will share any information pertinent to the others defense. Such information shall not be falsified, and if deemed necessary, the sources need not be identified.

Article 4: AidEdit

EMT and ULN hereby commit to financial help when needed. This can either be for the purpose of national defense, or in other times of hardship. When aid is requested, the corresponding alliance has 48 hours comply, or this treaty is hereby canceled. Aid may also include military help in the case of rogue nations, when requested.

Article 5: CancellationEdit

This pact may be canceled at any time with a 48 hour notice from the canceling signatory. During this period no military activity or other acts of espionage and aggression may be committed.


  • Rheebrosinc - president of ULN
  • W. McAdams - Vice President of ULN
  • MarineMan - Judge Magistrate
  • Jedi rojas - Minister of Recruitment
  • NoWarninG - Minister of Security and Intelligence

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