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The Ukrainskaya Sovetskaya Socialisticzeskaya Respublica, Українська Радянська Соціалістична Республіка, abbreviated and searchable Ukrainskaya SSR, more commonly known as the Ukranian Soviet Socialist Republic is a Socialist state established within the border of former Ukraine and Belarus on 2 April 2006.


The Ukranian SSR is a peaceful growing state that seeks to develop territorialy and economically. Despite latter aspirations, the nation has been constantly assailed by rival powers due to their territorial ambitions and thus forced the state to maintain a disproportionaly large military structure. The large defending and deployed Ukranian military contigent and the nation's increased DEFCON levels serve to deter attack and aid other nations in alliance.

Politics and EconomyEdit

Extremely generous in its foreign aid and trade agreements, Ukranianskaya SSR fosters economic and military cooperation among growing nations. Because of such donations, war and development expenditures the economy of the state has lagged and suffered under increasing deficit. Thus on 4 April 2006 the Ukranian Soviet Socialist Republic entered into a military and economic union with First Slavic Union to form a close alliance withe the same Union. The two nations share a common foreign and expenditure policy. The FSU is in its initial stages of development and plans to formalize upon further development and admitance of other states. Expected incoming nations include Chechnya, a militaristic Wahaabist state, the Trans-Caucasian Soviet Socialist Republic and the Siberian Soviet Socialist Republic. Ukrainskaya SSR has greatly benefited from entering into the FSU and is now seeing a proper growth in its infrastucture and security and has prompted the FSU to admit more states into the Union.

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