Union City has a 6 mile diameter, and is home to some 3,000 citizens. There are many state run schools and medical facilities to accommodate the population, which includes politicians, military commanders, and government officials.


President Fritz Sigismund's Presidential Mansion is located at 1 Republic Avenue, which intersects Eternal Street, where the Supreme Court and Parliament are located. Due to heightened security measures, visits must be scheduled 3 weeks in advance, with all visitors to have background checks performed. The national church is located on Regal Blvd, the site of which covers some 6 acres. Metropolia National University is nearby, on Union Plaza.


The country's main port lies in Union City, and is on the River Elbe. Every year, millions of tons of imports and exports pass through this important port. Also in the city is the Metropolian National Bank, which handles the country's money reserves, and has deposits in excess of the trillions, some from foreign investment.

Photo GalleryEdit

Below you will find some pictures of Union City highlights.

The Metropolian Parliament

National Bank Building DeutscheBank.jpg

Union City Harbor On The River Elbe Hamburg-port.jpg

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