Union Party
of J Andres
FoundedNovember 1983
DissolvedSeptember 2052
IdeologyWorkers Rights
Party FounderJose de Andres
Official colors      Green


The Union Party was founded by some workers of Woonsocket Wheat. They thought that there should be a voice in Endor Cuidad for the Workers. It formed after the Elections in 1983 but gained a lot of support throughout the year. They are considered the "third party" of the nation and have a lot of supporters.


The Union Party had been relatively quiet for almost a year before even endorsing another presidential candidate. Jose de Andres, President of JAD Land was the selection made.


The Union party has mainly shifted out of the third party system and into obscurity, with the Communist Party taking that role due to the popularity of Adrik Annan


In 2052 the Union Party officially dissolved. The party was growing more obscure year after year. By 2052 party officials were struggling to field candidates in enough races to make a difference.