The Union of Allied Nations is a small alliance with no team color and currently has 10 members.

History Edit

The Union of Allied Nations or UAN was founded by former GPA member King Michaelus I. The small alliance's first recruit was Aristides.  Aristides left after a while for unknown reasons. The UAN's next recruit would be one of the driving forces behind it. Ninja Dude joined the UAN shortly after he started playing cybernations. He soon gain admin status on the UAN forums and helped Michaelus for the government of the UAN as well as some of its policies. Along with Ninja Dude came his RL friend RAWRITH, whom, still to this day, remains a rather inactive member of the alliance.
Next came the UAN's first big challenge. A new member had joined the UAN called Estovakia. He had asked for aid and recieved much from kind hearted strangers on the forums. This, however, lead to Estovakia getting attacked by many raiders. The initial attacks were easily driven off by Ninja Dude and King Michaelus but it wasn't long before nations out of their range attacked Estovakia. Under this pressure, Estovakia deleted his nation, but not before showing his displeasure for the people in Cybernations exept for the people at the UAN and Daver, one of the people who gave him aid.
During the raids against Estovakia, two nations fought under the alliance affiliation of the Union of Allied Nations even though they weren't members. Sadly, their names aren't remembered by the members of the UAN.
After this the UAN was visited by J.R. Ewing, an experianced government official looking for a challenge. Ninja Dude offered J.R. the challenge of getting the UAN up and running. After about a week J.R. decided to leave the UAN. 
The UAN is currently attempting to gain more members and to be friends with other alliances. 

Current UAN Treaties and Pacts Edit

The Union of Allied Nations and European Union of Democratic Nations Treaty of Peace and Aid
The Union of Allied Nations and Oklahoma University Non-Agression Pact

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