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Welcome to the Union of Black Nations (UBN) Wiki Page.

UBN is an alliance based in cybernations. We are a collection of new players, aiming to prosper in the game. We will aid each other, support and advise each other, and do our best to gather strength for our alliance. We do not condone war as a means to expansion, provided said action is thought out and justified before it is performed. We do not condone war that intereferes in anyway with the alliances of cybernations, unless a war statement has been made by the emperor.

Current positions within UBN are:

Emperor (UnChosen One)- Manages UBN and makes major decisions, depending on the will of the general assembly

Viceroy (Decstar)- Recruits new members, and acts as an ambassador to other Alliances.

Director Of Armed Forces (Borrttt)- Oversees military forces, including creating a list of all nations who fight for UBN, and organises attacks and counterattacks as requested by the Emperor.

Director Of Aid and Support (Fasa1): Checks for aid requests from UBN members, and organises Aid packages. Also hands out loans for new players, which will be paid back when he requests.

Soldier- Reports in to be assigned with battles or to help other UBN members. Soldiers will receive money to help them with any tasks they are assigned.

General Assembly- Make your Cybernations powerful, and vote on decisions within UBN.

UBN was disbanded after a long spate of inactivity. UnChosen one Went on to become leader of the Reavers organisation and be part of the Patient0 extortion crisis.

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