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The Union of Progression that started out on one of the most famous peninsulas on the Earth, Michigan. It's capital Progress took the place of a former city known as Mount Pleasant.

Ruler Edit

The Union is ruled by one man, Longtoe. He was raised in a blue collar and was unable to acheive social mobility due to lack of a resources. He then lead an insurrection on the great peninsula and created the Union. He has been the only ruling monarch of the state. His values include equality for all citizenry and merit based societal values.

Country Edit

The Union is a mainly a flat land, but it does have a bounty of water and woodland. Water and lumber are the two countries main exports, but the Union is also a proud maker of a beer known as, "BTW:Best there was." The citizenry are constantly trying to be the best men and women the world has seen in the areas of academics, industry, and technology. The Union is proudly within the top 10% of the world's nations.

Religon Edit

The UOP citzens tend to like to switch religions frequently, however there has been a recent fervor of Christianity in the region and it may become the state religion.

Military Edit

UOP's military is highly trained and efficient. It has a top notch airforce with a small but highly trained land force as well. Nuclear weapons will not be developed unless there is a threat necessary for them.

Politics Edit

UOP tended to stay away from the world scene, but eventually got involved in small alliance such as The Federation. UOP duties mainly consisted of fighting rogues and assisting smaller nations in development. Eventually, UOP left The Federation due to an inconsistency of values. UOP found its way into the NPO. As a loyal, yet quiet member, the UOP is ready to fight for the Emperor and its fellow members.

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