The United International Socialist Republics
Flag of the Socialist Republics
Formally Founded 23 Sept '07
Unofficially Founded 12 Sept '07
Capital Moscow, Soviet Republic
Enforced Charter September Constitution
Heads of State
Council of People's Commissars
  • Prime Minister, UCC
  • Education Commissar,
  • War Commissar,
  • Immigration Commissar,
  • State Commissar,
  • Commerce Commissar,
  • Security Commissar,
  • Justice Commissar,
  • 1st Congress of Soviets: <4 congressional members>
  • 1st Soviet Central Executive Assembly: <5 members>
Strength and Membership
  • None at this time.

Alliance HistoryEdit

Two friends, Commissar Zhukov and [Spencer (UCC) decided that they would create a new alliance on the CN Leftest community scene. Getting their base ideas from a Soviet-like alliance, the idea Zhukov had come up with would be to take notes from the 1918 RSFSR Constitution and modify it into an alliance government. Still preserving the basic fundamentals though. The basic outline for the alliance, as it was written on September 15, included these official government offices (which remain unchanged):

General Secretary
Prime Minister of the Council of People's Commissars

Prime Minister
Council of People's Commissars
Soviet Central Executive Assembly

Chairman of the Congress of Soviets *Gen. Sec.
Soviet Central Executive Assembly (upper)
Congress of Soviets (lower)

Having what they needed for the basic outline of the charter, the UISR forums were created on 16 September 2007. That day, both and constructed the forums into the organization you see today.

Shortly, just the next day, the September Constitution was drafted and finalized by both Prime Minister UCC and General Secretary Zhukov, the author. After such this, the two began the campaigns to ready the alliance for an official September 19 establishment.

General Secretaries of the Socialist Republics
Name Began Term Term Ended Votes (%) Total Terms
Commissar Zhukov 12 Sept 07 Incumbent *Founder One

Legislative SessionsEdit

1st Session of the Congress of Soviets
2nd Session of the Congress of Soviets
3rd Session of the Congress of Soviets

1st Session of the Soviet Central Executive Assembly
2nd Session of the Soviet Central Executive Assembly

3rd Session of the Soviet Central Executive Assembly

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