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The United Kingdom of Great Britain. Edit

A friendly yet firm alliance for fincial and military gain of British Isle's nations. Uniting them under one cause.

Requirments to Join:

Loayality, we only ask that you stay loyal to the alliance.

Military Personal, We ask that you have at least 100 Soldiers,a tank and a missile to aid the defenses of the alliance.

Ministers Edit

Prime Minister: Lee Vowles of Englond.

Forgien Affairs Minister: Lee Vowles of Englond.

Home Affairs Minister: Lee Vowles of Englond.

Ministry of Defence:
        Secretary of State for Defence: Lee Vowles of Englond.
        Minister of State for the Armed Forces: Lee Vowles of Englond.

Members Nations Edit

United Kingdom Members: - Nations within the British Isles.

        Position - Founder Nation, Prime Minister
        Background - Started the UK of GB alliance, Based out of the port city of Bristol.

Commonwealth Members: - Nations outside the British Isles.

Charter Edit

[Under Construstion]

1.) No member of the UKGB may attack another member nation.

2.) Any outside attacks must confirm to our alliance with other alliances.

3.) Prime Minister voted for once a month.

4.) No one may claim dictactorship over the alliance.

Forgien Policy Edit

We prefer not to engage in war. We would rather use a pen not a sword. Please contact the current Prime Minster before declaring war upon us or a memberstate. We hope to reslove things without the loss our populance!

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