The United Pheonix has gone through alot. In the beginning of the country, they were messaged by many people to join alliances but chose ACID as the one for it. ACID was declining after GWII and was rebuilding but shortly after joining ACID, ACID fell apart. This was to much distraught to the current dictator Grand Protector Johnson. Shortly after he died.

His son Johnson II seized power and began rebuilding. He soon recieved a message that ACID was restarting and joined up for a second time. During it's time at the new ACID United Pheonix went into it's golden age and was hittig milestone of power. United Pheonix was the key purger in ACID and was doinga things with the alliance. Then it struck a attemped Coup by two of Johnson II's greatest friends Präsident Espusa of Tungan and Stevpac of Destiney. This was a time of greatpressure on Johnson II and he decided to side with ACID. He would look back on this and wishh he had remained neutral. During the coup Destiney was completely destroyed and Präsident Espusa was killed, however Tungan lived on. Then after getting lung cancer Grand Protector Johnson II died.

Now it was Johnson III's time to rule. Johnson III rebuilt the current government but stayed a dictatorship. Johnson III's new title was Kaiser Johnson III. Under the kaiser's rule United Pheonix continued to be strong. Then The NPO and it's allies declared war on GATO. Kaiser sweared neutrility but was killed because of this.

Kaiser Johnson IV now took power and join the fight for freedom. soon though United Pheonix was in ruins. Johnson IV was killed in a night time bombing raid by VE and soon after ACID surrendered to VE.

Johnson V's reign is a powerful one he took his postition after GWIII and resigned from ACID. From there he joined the band of brothers and plans on rebuilding United Pheonix's education program finances and econemy. Truely Kaiser Johnson V reign will be a peaceful time for United Pheonix. Then as he was talking to a friend of his Johny of Amerde. He decided to join the Global Alliance of Soveriegn States or GASS he was appointed Minister of Recruitment and United Pheonix is doing quite well. Then he decided GASS wasn't the right choice for him he resigned and left GASS. Johnson V then decided to move onto Guns of Glory. He is now their Deputy of Foreign Affairs. He is ambassador to NATO SOUL OE and EoTS. He was also elected Minister of Defense for Guns of Glory.

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