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United States of Ida


Motto: Blessed are those that walk in unison.

Team Color Black

Goon Order of Oppression Negligence and Sadism

Reigning Queen


  • Ida
  • Replicator (Light Ground Assault)
  • Buli (Heavy Ground Assault)
  • Habrok (Light Air Assault)
  • Vedrfolnir (Heavy Air Assault)
  • Nal (Cruise Missile)
  • Ragnarok (Nuclear Weapon)
Misc Info
  • Population: Barely enough of a population to mention
  • Currency: Dong
  • Staple Food: Lemon chicken, blue Jell-O
  • Favorite Pastime(s): Replicating and fighting
  • Common Construction Materials: Neutronium, Trinium, Naquadah, Trinium-Naquadah alloy

Slowly making a comeback.

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