United States of North America Military
USNA Marine Corps Seal
Commander in Chief President Kim Pack
Secretary of the Marine Corps Benjamin P. Jones
General of the Marine Corps General Smith Hawkins
Chief of Staff of the Marine Corps Ronald L. Ermey
USNA Marine Corps
USNA Marine Corps Reserve
Regional Commands
North America Marine Force
Pacific Marine Force
Atlantic Marine Force
Administrative Commands
Forces Command
Special Operations Command
Deployment Command

The USNA Marine Corps is an elite branch of the USNA military. Marine Corps units have a high amount of organic assets attached to units especially in aircraft and are heavily trained for a high preparedness



The USNAMC is at a current strength of 50,000 marines, 500 tanks, and 1000 vehicles.



The USNAMC uses a variety of equipment to perform its functions. It uses the same primary small arms as the rest of the military (M-16s, M1911, Glock 17, M249 SAW, etc.).


The USNAMC uses the same basic vehicles as the USNA Army. It also uses specialized vehicles such as AAV-7A1, EFV, LAV-25, and the HIMARS.


The USNAMC also uses a variety of aircraft such as the F/A-18, AV-8, and AC-130 as fixed wing air support. It uses the C-130 for heavier transport missions. It uses the AH-1Z and UH-1Y Helicopter gunships for ground support. It also uses the CH-46, CH-53, and the V-22 for helicopter assault and transportation.


The 1st Marine Division (Active) is based in Camp Smith

- 1st Marine Brigade

- 2nd Marine Brigade

- 3rd Marine Brigade

- 1st Marine Armored Brigade

- 1st Marine Air Aviation Brigade

- 1st Marine Logistics Brigade

The 2nd Marine Division (Active) is based in Camp Smith

- 4th Marine Brigade

- 5th Marine Brigade

- 6th Marine Brigade

- 2nd Marine Armored Brigade

- 2nd Marine Air Aviation Brigade

- 2nd Marine Logistics Brigade



Becoming a USNA Marine is known to be one of the most difficult things imaginable. As such the USNA Marine Corps is regarded as elite. In addition to ground troops there is also training in the USNAMC for piloting aircraft. All USNA Marines must pass numerous amphibious assault and air assault excercises. They are regarded to be have the best helicopter assault forces in the world.


The USNAMC was founded on October 14, 2007. While small it is the most elite conventional branch of the USNA military.

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