The USNA Special Operations Command is a joint command of all special operations personnel and equipment in the USNA Military. All branches share resources and information. The USNA SOC is under the command of General Percy Merrill.

Forces of the USNA Special Operations CommandEdit

USNA Army: USNAA Rangers

USNA Air Force: USNAAF Special Air Command


USNA Marine Corps: USNAMC Recon Marines

USNA National Police: Alpha Teams


The USNA SOC was formed on January 9, 2008. While it has seen some minor actions against terrorists it's first true taste of combat was during the BLEU-NADC War. During the war the SOC did an amazingly outstanding job considering the situation the military was facing overall. They performed reconnaissance, sabotage, tactical infiltration, and rescue operations. One of their best missions was the rescue of over 600 civilians that were captured and put to work in enemy labor camps. A force of 60 special operations personnel overwhelmed the guard force of 350 men and army helicopters provided evacuation and gunship support. The mission was a definite success with the loss of only 9 men and 18 civilians.

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