Universalis War
Start Date: March 14, 2008
End Date: March 23, 2008
Casus Belli: Universalis recruiting MOON and Genesis Members
Result: Universalis surrender

Nations: 14
Nukes: 126
Total NS: 422,981

Nations: 164
Nukes: 415
Total NS: 3,251,228


Universalis flag



Events of the WarEdit

The Universalis - MOONGEN war (also known as the war of peace) happened when Universalis was accused of recruiting members from both the Genesis and MOON alliances. Universalis denied the claims and, not being retarded, ordered all of its members quickly into peace mode. War was declared some time afterward, with evidence being shown that Universalis did, in fact, recruit a member from MOON (though many on the forums felt this hardly justified the actions taken by the two alliances). However, even though the conflict was formal now, since all of Universalis was in peace mode nothing at all happened. Universalis, upon receiving peace terms it considered unreasonable, was preparing to launch waves of nukes in a final assault and then engage in prolonged warfare, but less harsh terms were eventually offered that Universalis accepted.

Universalis SurrendersEdit

The Terms

  • Universalis will pay the amount of 200 Million to Genesis, and 200 Million to MOON.
  • Universalis will be given 60 days to complete payment of all reparation payments. If Universalis pays sooner, it will be considered having fulfilled its obligations towards MOON and Genesis.
  • The period of 60 days will commence on the day Universalis receives a detailed list from MOON and Genesis with a payment schedule.
  • Universalis will be under the protection of MOON and Genesis for a 60 day duration.The protectorate offered by MOON and Genesis will commence as soon as these terms are signed.
  • Universalis will be required to decommission all nuclear weapons. Any other military instruments are not required to be decommissioned. The decommissioning will be required to be completed within twenty-five days of the signing of this document.

Timeline and ReferencesEdit

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