The Uralican Ice Hockey League (Finn. Uralikan Jääkiekkoliiga, Russ. Ураликская Хоккей-Лига), often called the UIHL (Finn. UJKL, Russ. УХЛ) for short, has 24 teams. It is officially Uralica's oldest professional sports tournament of any sort.

The first tournament officially began 25 April 2008 and ended 28 July 2008, with HK Syktyvkar being declared the winner, however in the second season it adopted a structure more similar to that of typical professional hockey leagues. Still, starting in December 2008 and ending in June 2009, HK Syktyvkar won yet again.

Format Edit

Both leagues play seasons of 76 games. Points are allocated on a 3-2-1-0 scale, with 3 points awarded for a regulation win, 2 for an overtime or shootout win, 1 for an overtime or shootout loss, or no points at all for a regulation loss.

The league had a second division added in December 2009. Five teams are relegated from the High League to Division I (the worst team from each division plus the worst team besides the fact) with the best team from each subdivision of Division I and the best second-place team being promoted in their place.

After the end of this season, there is one further step, only for the High League. The top three teams in each division advance to a best-of-seven playoff phase similar to that of the old National Hockey League, but with a difference - the top teams of each division get a first-round bye, with seconds and thirds of the four divisions being mixed and matched.

The winner of this playoff receives the Kurri Trophy as league champion. Currently there has been only one Kurri trophy champion, and that has been HK Syktyvkar, who has won twice.

Clubs for 2010-11 Edit

(4 divisions of 8 teams per league level)

Vysshaya Liga (High League) Edit

Northern Division Edit

  • Dinamo-GPS Murmansk
  • HK Pechora
  • HK Ukhta
  • HK Vuktyl
  • Spartak Severodvinsk
  • Torpedo Murmansk
  • Usovuoren JKK
  • Zenit Arkhangel'sk

Western Division Edit

  • Dinamo Veliski
  • HK Jokerit (Syktyvkar)
  • HK Severstal (Cherepovets)
  • HK Syktyvkar
  • HK Trátyi
  • Spartak Yulser-Ola
  • Torpedo Vologda
  • Viipurin Blues

Southern Division Edit

  • CSKA Kirov
  • HK Glazov
  • HK Izhevsk
  • HK Kungur
  • HK Orlov
  • MP Perm'
  • Votan Salamat JKK
  • Zenit Mozhga

Eastern Division Edit

  • Alavartolan Jokerit
  • CSKA Yekaterinburg
  • HK Serov
  • HK Solikamsk
  • HK Sputnik (Nizhny Tagil)
  • Kudymkar Wheat Kings
  • Öskölömen JKK
  • Punaturjimen JKK

Division I Edit

Western Division Edit

  • HK Kotlas
  • Velocitas Vaahruše
  • Khimik Koryazhma
  • JKK Kottila (Kotlas)
  • Mordovia Orozai
  • Sukhona Sokol
  • Mashinostroitel Kanash
  • Ulator Horde HK

Northern Division Edit

  • HK Arkhangel'sk
  • CSKVC Ukhta
  • HK Vorkuta
  • Severomineralnik Severomorsk
  • HK Sosnogorsk
  • Yamal Nyaidem
  • Salyakharad HK
  • HK Usinsk

Southern Division Edit

  • CSKA Pervouralsk
  • Uralika Kamensk
  • Dinamo Kirovo-Chepetsk
  • Sarapul Bears HK
  • Votan Salamat JKK
  • HK Krasnokamsk
  • CSKA Lysva
  • UBHK Chernushka

Eastern Division Edit

  • HK Surgut
  • Dinamo Juganvar
  • HK Khanto
  • HK Kudymkar
  • HK Berezniki
  • CSKA Pervouralsk
  • Spartak Novouralsk
  • HK Polevskoy

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